COVID Crimes and Related Investigations

Tuesday, September 13 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Event Information


The pandemic spawned myriad fraud schemes, including CARES Act benefits fraud, SBA PPP loan fraud, EIDLE grant/loan fraud, Unemployment benefit fraud, as well as enhanced cyber threats and work from home vulnerabilities. We will review past and current COVID fraud themes, other frauds such as PPP, job recruitment, online shopping, unemployment, account takeovers and synthetic ID, and examine case studies.  Join our industry leading panel as we discuss COVID fraud trends, red flags, and countermeasures.              

  • Participants will gain information on recent scams and case studies during the pandemic.          
  • Participants will learn why these scams are occurring.
  • Participants will learn what to look for and how to prevent fraud.

Title: COVID Crimes and Related Investigations

Type: All Access Education


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