Large-Scale Evacuations: Tactics, Techniques & Protocols

Tuesday, September 13 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Event Information


The 2021 Kabul Airlift demonstrated the challenges of large-scale evacuations and the need for effective planning well in advance of a major escalation. Planning for and executing an effective evacuation operation should be part of the security program for an organization with overseas exposure, regardless of size and risk profile. Learn how to prepare for your own evacuation plan, understanding the key concepts, how to develop decision-making tools and how to avoid pitfalls through a review of recent case studies.   

  • Participants will learn how to develop an evacuation plan for large-scale movements.      
  • Participants will learn about risk assessments that go into the evacuation decision-making process.
  • Participants will understand the typical pitfalls of evacuations and how to avoid them.

Title: Large-Scale Evacuations: Tactics, Techniques & Protocols

Type: All Access Education


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