Mass Casualty Awareness and Preparedness — Active Assailant Response Planning

Tuesday, September 13 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Location: 308+309

Event Information

Title: Mass Casualty Awareness and Preparedness — Active Assailant Response Planning


Recent surveys have found a growing number of CEOs are receiving threats for encouraging people to get vaccinated and wear masks. Others are facing threats for taking positions on political, social or racial issues. The stress of the pandemic has taken a heavy toll. With our societies stretched to breaking point, the potential for workplace violence is the highest it has ever been. An active assailant incident poses a threat not just to CEOs and executives in the C-suites, but also to the greater workforce and the business as a whole. This session will help participants develop the skills necessary to prepare for such a threat and better understand the Duty of Care obligation that companies have to their employees should such an incident occur.           

  • Participants will develop skills to train and prepare their employees to respond to workplace violence or an active assailant incident. They will gain a better appreciation of the importance of preparation, including the knowledge to conduct tabletop exercises and emergency drills at the workplace and how to develop an emergency response plan.          
  • Participants will identify red flags, assess risks and look for and monitor threats made online. Attendees will also learn how to document these threats in an email or tip line to do a warm handoff to law enforcement. All these skills can help preempt a violent incident.              

Type: All Access Education


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